The internet version of Ontario Citator Service features all Acts and regulations from the 1990 consolidation, plus all new Acts and regulations, as well as history and case links to the Ontario Statute Citator.

Repealed statutes have now been added to the Ontario Citator Service. Now you have access to statutes that have been repealed but which may still have relevance in matters currently before the courts. The repealed statutes can be accessed from the Table of Contents in a separate folder entitled "Repealed Statutes". The repealed statutes are also completely searchable using the Statute/Regulation Search form.

There are several ways to navigate the internet version of the Ontario Citator Service. You can browse the Table of Contents by clicking on the folder until you locate the Act that you require. Then click on the name of the Act or the Regulations file. If you select an Act, the text of the Act will appear in the right hand frame. A list of headings and corresponding sections will appear in the left hand frame. You can scroll through the Act, or click on the appropriate heading or section. If you select Regulations under the Act, a list of Regulations will appear in the right hand frame. Select the Regulation you want and it will appear in the right hand frame, with a list of corresponding headings and sections in the left hand frame. As with an Act, you can scroll through the Regulation or click on the appropriate heading or section. If you want to search Ontario Citator Service, select the Statute/Regulation Search form, which is accessible by clicking on the Search link at the top right hand corner of the screen.

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